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Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic Surgeries in Delhi By Dr Pradeep Jain

Laparoscopic Surgeries Using high definition technology and precision instruments Dr Pradeep Jain works through tiny incisions (key holes) to perform hundreds of these laparoscopic procedures of Gastrointestinal tract whether they are for cancers or benign diseases. High volume experience of Dr Pradeep jain means better outcome for patients. Compared to conventional open surgeries, the laparoscopic procedures involve:

A quicker recovery and early return to work
Early discharge
Remarkably reduced bleeding and postoperative pain
Fewer and smaller scars

Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery By Pradeep Jain

Laparoscopic hemicolectomy, anterior resection, APR done for cancers of rectum and colon in which the cancer bearing segment along with the draining Lymph nodes are removed en bloc.The laparoscopic treatment for these cancers are almost on the verge of becoming Gold standard. if done by trained and expert. The oncological outcome is same as in open surgery and short term results are better. complications are lower than open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery for inflammatory bowel disease like Ulcerative colitis, Colonic tuberculosis, or for rectal prolapsed ( rectopexy ) are other indications.

Laparoscopic Esophagectomies

Thoraco/ laparoscopic Esophagectomy is indicated in cancer of Esophagus or GE Junction. The complete esophagus with surrounding tissues and draining lymph nods are removed. It has definite lesser morbidity than open Thoracotomies and Laparotomies. Oncological superiorities are yet get established. Other benign conditions like Benign tumors or Diverticuli have excellent results.

Laparoscopic Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery In Delhi

Laparoscopic surgery for Hiatus Hernia and Achalasia Cardia are Gold standard in fundopication the diaphragmatic hiatus ( opening in the diaphragm ) is tightened and artificial valve is created by wraping the fundus of stomach around the lower part of esophagus ( food pipe ) Radical Gastrectomy for Cancer of stomach and other tumors like GIST, Leiomyomas, Lymphomas or other benign disorders are very much feasible with good outcome and low morbidity. The same kind of radicality is achieved by laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic Pancreatic Surgery In Delhi

In laparoscopic whippels surgery en bloc resection of head and neck of pancreas, gall bladder, Common bile duct, duodenum and proximal small intestine are removed en bloc along with lymph nodes. This is done for pancreatic, bile duct or duodenal cancers.

Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy is done for cancers of body and tail of pancreas, chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic cysts and pseudocysts. Laparoscopic pancreatic necrosectomy in infected pancreatic necrosis is feasible in selected patients either by transperitoneal or retroperitoneal approach.

Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

Liver surgery needs large incisions with significant morbidities. Laparoscopic liver resection are feasible but demanding and involve technical expertise. Laparoscopic liver surgery can be ranging from staging procedures to non anatomical resections to large anatomical resections. These are done for Primary liver tumors,cysts,hemangiomas,secondary tumors etc.

Laparoscopic Small Bowel Surgery By Dr Pradeep Jain

Common laparoscopic surgeries for small intestine are for perforations, small bowel inflammatory diseases like tuberculosis and crohn’s disease, small intestine tumors like lymphoma, adenocarcinoma, GIST, intestinal obstruction etc.

Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Surgery In Delhi

Retroperitoneal tumors like soft tissue sarcomas, paraganliomas and adrenal tumors can excised with help of laparoscope with minimal morbidity.